T H E   N E W   S T A N D A R D

At Salon Tafui, a dynamic team of dedicated individuals constantly strive toward a common goal of excellence, both personally and professionally.

We pride ourselves on quality of service, technical prowess, advanced education and functioning as a strong team. We work together to collectively meet and exceed the expectations of our guests and to provide the highest level of hair care service.

The focused vision of our team helps make Salon Tafui a place to inspire creativity within oneself and to be inspired by the creativity of others, allowing us to deliver extraordinary service to all our guests.


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Facial Waxing

Why our Clients adore us:
We never double-dip. Ever. Our exclusive Comfort Wax™ is oh-so-gentle and our 4 Steps To Gorgeous™ wax method will leave you feeling...absolutely gorgeous!

Face for Hair

  • Brow maintenance $10.00 
  • Brow and Lip $15.00
  • Lip $7.00
  • Wax Chin $10.00
  • Full Face w/Brow $25.00
  • Underarms $25.00
  • Half Leg $35.00/ Full Leg $65.00
  • Full arm $35.00
  • Back $50.00
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Service Policy

Your appointment is very important to us and is reserved especially for you. At Salon Tafui, we understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary; therefore, we respectfully request at least 24 to 48 hours notice for cancellations.